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Learn a language by reading whatever you like.
Read books in original language.
Without being distracted by a dictionary.

17 languages and any translation directions are available in the beta version.

More than 100 languages will be available after beta-testing!

How it works

  • You upload a text to the site.
  • Uploaded text is analyzed according to your dictionary and you get full text statistics - how many words there are, how many known and unknown words.


  • After uploading a text, you can start reading
  • You can translate words directly in the text
  • New words are highlighted in blue - Word
  • "To study" words are highlighted in beige - Word
  • Known words are not highlighted
  • Words highlighting can be turned off
  • Additional translation is available via Google Translate and Yandex Translate
  • Можно выделить сразу несколько предложений или весь текст и перевести в Google Translate

Also words statistics is available for each page of text.

Here you can see all unique words on the current text page.
Mark known words and words you need to learn.


Сan not understand the meaning of the sentence, despite the fact that you know or translated all the words?
Then welcome to Questions & Answers
Ask questions and help other users to learn foreign languages.